Peloton – A Group Moving Forward

PELOTON SPORTS, INC was established in 1998 to provide sports marketing for clients in the world of sports. We deliver with inventive strategies, detailed implementation, and accurate results. We love what we do.

We serve professional and amateur sports teams, leagues, and events with RFID solutions in association with Stark RFID, using radio-wave technology for identifying objects, such as access control. Our clients include the NFL, Kennedy Space Center, Smithsonian Institution, The Masters and many other global entities.

We also create and implement comprehensive publicity and media operations programs for US-based clients, which have included USA Cycling Inc., National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues, and Olympic Games sponsors and organizing committees.,

“Peloton” is a French word. It is used most often in the sport of cycling to describe the main pack of riders in a race. We used it because the word translates as “a group moving forward.” We invite you to move forward with Peloton Sports.